The December Blogging Challenge

I have always been a sporadic blogger, at best. Though I've wanted to be more consistent, and made several (failed) resolutions to be more consistent, somehow I've never been able to post on a regular basis.

Partially it's busyness. Partially it's laziness. And partially (perhaps mostly) it's fear that what I have to say is not important enough to write about. 

Very recently, I decided to combat that by issuing a challenge to myself: Post twice a week, for 5 weeks. 10 total posts. Just 10. No promises of continuance, just those 10, regular posts. And to make it even easier for myself, I've made a list of topics to write about for each post, so that I'll never have the excuse of "I don't know what to write about." 

And so, for this first post, the easiest topic of them all: 

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me!

  1. I was born with dark brown hair.
  2. I have an auto-immune disorder that affects my lower intestines.
  3. I have never, ever dyed my hair.
  4. When I was 4, I had my sister draw dots with a red maker all over my body so that we could play "Chicken pox." After a bath, they had faded so convincingly that my mom had to send a note with me to preschool to explain that they weren't really chickenpox. 
  5. I'm an introvert.
  6. I really, really, really love chocolate and coffee.
  7. In 6th grade, I was so bad at volleyball that a few girls on my team tried to convince our coach to cut me from our "no-cut" team.
  8. I (somehow) graduated Cum Laude from college.
  9. I was hit by a car while riding my bike during my senior year of college.
  10. I'm deathly afraid of the open ocean, caves, and outer space.