Following Jesus: January Prayer Letter

January 30, 2015

Thank you for praying for IndyCC. Because of you, 2,000 students attended from all over the Great Lakes Region. You can read a recap of it, along with pictures and video, by reading the recap blog post.

Rachel scanned the room, looking for an empty seat. It was Saturday night of Winter Retreat, and everyone was taking advantage of the free time after the evening session to hang out and play games. Seeing an empty seat at a table of women, she made her way over and sat down. 

The girls introduced themselves, and quickly drew Rachel into their conversation. Over the course of an hour, Erin, Natalie, Angela and Sarah asked her questions and got to know her. Eventually, the conversation turned to spiritual matters. As the other women gently asked her about her beliefs, questions began to spill out.

What did Jesus really say? How can we really know that the Bible is true? Does God love us? How can someone get to heaven?




Finally, one of the women, Natalie, pulled out a small booklet with the words “Would you like to know God Personally?” written on the front. 

“Could I share this with you? I think it might answer some of your questions,” she asked. 

Rachel nodded, and together, they walked through a basic outline of the Gospel, Rachel asking more and more questions along the way. 

On the last page, Natalie pointed to a diagram (on right) and explained to Rachel, “The circle on the left is a life without Christ. Self, or the ‘S’ is on the throne, and Christ is on the outside. The circle on the right is a life with Christ. That person has taken ‘Self’ off the throne, and let Christ come in and take control of their life. We all have to make a personal decision to allow Christ to come in and take control of our lives. Can you see yourself making a decision like this?”

Rachel paused. She knew she had never made a decision like this before, and something in her really wanted to – but she wasn’t sure. 

“I think so, but I….I just still have so many questions.”

“That’s OK – we’re all Christians and we still have questions,” someone shared. “Jesus always meets us where we’re at, so we don’t have to understand everything, not even to make a decision to place our faith in Christ.”

That was exactly what Rachel needed to hear. Right then, Natalie, Erin, Angela and Sarah prayed with Rachel as she told God she was ready to allow Christ to forgive her of her sins, and take control of her life. She was ready to follow Jesus.

The diagram Natalie shared with Rachel to explain what it means to make a decision to follow Jesus. 

The diagram Natalie shared with Rachel to explain what it means to make a decision to follow Jesus. 

Want to use the tool that Natalie used to explain the Gospel to Rachel? You can download an app with the "Would You Like to Know God Personally?" booklet for free!
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Prayer Requests for this month:


1. For Rachel’s new faith to continue to grow and flourish.

2. For the staff team at OU, as the head into the second half of the school year. Pray that the Holy Spirit would guide them, strengthen them, and empower them.

3. For us, that God would quickly provide the rest of what we need, so that we’d be able to report to campus soon.                                                     

4. For Emily. We haven’t shared this before, but Emily has a mild autoimmune disorder that affects her colon. We rescheduled a routine procedure (mentioned last month) for February 11th. This results of this procedure will tell us how treatment has progressed and what our next steps are. Please pray for (1) an easy procedure and (2) positive test results.