Top 10 "Pick-Me-Up" Songs!

This week, I am linking up with Velvet Ashes, a blog that exists to encourage women serving overseas and in other missionary positions. The theme for this week's "Link Up" is "Top 10". 

The unofficial Selway family motto is "Shake it off." (Actually it's "Good enough", but with that as our first motto I figured it doesn't matter I can have as many mottos as I want, right? "Good enough.")

Life is tough. Sometimes people are mean. Ministry is hard. And all of world's corners and sharp edges seem to be out to get my toes and fingers (I write this with two band-aids on my fingers....) The world is a difficult place to be in sometimes.

So what do you do when you feel down, your heart feels heavy, and/or you just spilled milk all over the floor?

Shake it off!

It's easy for me to wallow, and I'm sure for many of you that temptation is there, too. One of my favorite tactics to help me "Shake it off" is to dance! It gets me up, gets me moving, and helps me reframe my state of mind. After all, it's hard to feel sorry for yourself after a rousing chorus of "R-E-S-P-E-C-T", right? 

So, that said, here are my Top 10 favorite songs to "Shake It Off" to.

10. Eye of the Tiger by Survivor
Don't laugh. For real, people.  It's really hard to be sad after this song has gotten through the chorus. Bonus points if you do a fake "Rocky" workout to it.

9. Respect by Aretha Franklin
Does this even need explanation? 

8. I Can See Clearly Now by Johnny Nash
I have vivid childhood memories of dancing around the kitchen with my grandma, blasting this song from a cassette tape. At one point, I even taught my Furby a portion of the chorus. 

7. My Girl by the Temptations
I love this song. It could just be that it reminds me strongly of Skyline Chili, though....

6. I Gotta Feelin by the Black Eyed Peas
Why oh why is this song so catchy? 99% of me wants to hate it, but that 1% of me wins out every single time. "OOOOOOhh-ooooooh"

5. Oh Happy Day
But only the version from "Sister Act." Legit, I tried to think of a way to get a gospel choir to come to my wedding so that this song could be sung, properly.

4. I Feel Good by James Brown
I also have memories of sliding around the kitchen in my socks, singing this song with my siblings. It's pretty hard to be sad when James Brown is singing anything, but this song is particularly hard not to let yourself be happy. Also, it reminds me of the sloppy joe fight scene in "It Takes Two", and I loved that movie. And sloppy joes. 

3. I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) by the Proclaimers
1. This is easy to sing. 2. This is a great road trip song (which is great because road trips are a guaranteed way to make me grumpy.) 3. It reminds me of "How I met Your Mother". (Are we starting to see a pattern...maybe I don't like the songs as much as I like what I think about when I hear the songs...)

2. Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars
I have an involuntary reaction to this song. I can't help it. It's just so FUN!

1. Shake it Off by Taylor Swift
Duuuh... ;) 

So next time you leave your car windows down in the have these.