Yet I will hope in him

I wrote this almost 3 weeks ago, on August 5th. It came out of a place of pain and confusion - I was watching a friend's health decline due to cancer, and had just heard of another friend's diagnosis with cancer. I felt at a loss to process the suffering - of two young people who love Jesus very much, of their families and friends who also love Jesus, of my own. So I wrote. 

Now that one of those friends, Ty, has gone on to be with the Lord, I revisited this poem and decided it was time to share. I hope it connects with your heart. 

I am in pain
I ache at a world that's just
not right.
Cancer fills
heads and hearts.
Takes our

Oh, we have been robbed! 
The Thief has come.
He has stolen.
He has destroyed.
And where are You?!
Where is Your life?
You promised it
But all I see is

But still, I cling:
In the losing
is the finding.
In the breaking
You are binding.
In the dying
You are bringing new life.

Though he slay me, yet will I hope in him.
— Job 13:15