Book Review: Seek-and-Circle Bible Battles (One Big Story)

Ok, confession - I didn’t really pay attention to the description of this book when I decided to receive it to review it. So, it’s a little beyond Elliott’s level. (Ok, a lot beyond it. He can’t seek and circle anything yet!)

That said, he did really seem to enjoy looking at the illustrations. They are beautifully done, and I think an older child would have a great time looking through and circling things. It’s well-made, and the shiny pages are designed to wipe off and be reused when a dry erase marker is used.

In addition to just being fun, I liked that the book attempted to point children back to Jesus through every battle scene and story. So many Christian children’s books lose sight of the gospel and tell children to simply “be brave like David” or “be wise like Solomon”. This did not do that! Instead, every battle was a taken as a chance to show how God fights for His people and how Jesus is our ultimate savior.

I think this book would be a great pick for an older kid, especially if you need a quiet activity for rest time or while traveling.

I received this book from B&H/Lifeway Publishers in exchange for my honest review.