Book Review: The Storm Tossed Family

I’ve begun a new venture here on the Selway blog! In an effort to get back into reading and writing more, I have become a book blogger for B&H/Lifeway Publishers.

This month, I reviewed “The Storm Tossed Family: How the Cross Reshapes the Home” by Russell Moore. I’ve been a Russell Moore fan since I heard him speak at our church when we lived in Columbus a few years back. I’ve admired his humor, wit, and Biblical insight then and now.

In typical Russell Moore fashion, this book has all of that.

This book, as it’s title might suggest, is about the family. However, don’t tune out single and childless folks - this book is for you, too. It’s not just about the nuclear family (though, it is about that) it’s also about the families we were raised in, the families we long for, and the family of the Church universal. In short, this book is for humans.

And, like a family, this book had me both snorting with laughter and welling up with tears in equal measure. I guess that’s fitting since one of the major premises of the book is that the family, like the Cross, is one of God’s most beautiful and redemptive, as well as most tragically painful and broken, institutions.

Moore guides you through a theology of the family, from Creation to the Fall to Eternity, and does it with sensitivity and humor. If you’re looking for an instructive on how to raise a family or mediate conflicts, this book is not that. Instead, it builds a framework for understanding the family, in all of it’s beautiful brokeness. And that, I feel, is far more useful for navigating the often “storm tossed” waters of family life (both your biological family and your church family.)

Personally, I found this book incredibly insightful as I am just starting to construct the family home in which my own son will live. I know that it won’t be a perfect place, but I so want it to be a place that reflects the family of God for him. Moore gave me a lot to think about as I processed my family of origin as well as Clay’s, and how they lived up to and failed God’s intentions for the family - and how we want to emulate and deviate from them as we shape our own family.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and found it a thoughtful, intelligent, and enjoyable read.

I received this book from B&H/Lifeway publishers in exchange for my honest review.