We are often asked, "What led you to go into ministry with college students?" The answer for us is simple: College students are the future leaders of the world.

As we considered God's calling into ministry, we knew that there were dozens, if not hundreds, of options. But it came down to this - upon graduation, college students will become part of the elite 7% of the world's population that holds a college degree. In short, they will have influence and power beyond measure.

Cru has a unique vision of not only leading college students to Christ, but also of sending those same college students out to meet the world's great needs, and bring the Gospel of Jesus to the nations. 

College students are the next leaders of the world. They will soon be doctors, lawyers, pastors, politicians, and parents. If we can help them come to know Jesus, and surrender their lives in service to him now, they will be prepared and equipped to spread God's love wherever life takes them then

Simply put: Win the campus for Christ today. Win the world for Christ tomorrow.